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Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga Season 2
Released By: Manga Entertainment
Rating: 15
Running Time: 140 Mins
Audio: English 5.0 Stereo, Japanese 5.0 Stereo, English Subs.
Release Date: 28/05/2018
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes 

His brother, Yukio is dead set against Rin using the demon sword after flaring-up before, but Shura wants thinks Rin should be given the choice of whether to help Tatsuma as the letter from him asking for help is addressed to him. 

An appearance by Mephisto sees him take Rin away to be imprisoned in one of his contraptions on Vatican orders, so it's up to Yukio and Shura to find him and release him or find the Impure King and destroy him.

This second helping of Blue Exorcist Kyoto Saga there is more about Rin's colleagues settling differences with him and one or two wanting to tell him how they really feel. Ryuji's beef with Rin is that he keeps his pain hidden and feels he doesn't trust him enough to let him in. In Ryuji's mind, trust runs both ways even for someone as brash as he is, though he does confess he was right about his dad. Shiemi wants to help Rin as she has fallen for him, seeing a much nicer kid than the son of Satan, even if Rin still has a chip on his shoulder for that.

With the miasma infecting the town, Rin and his friends have to take on the Impure King as the temple warriors and the x wires of True Cross Academy can't do it all on their own. When Shura gets to the mountain where the Impure King is already getting established, one of the monks tells her the info on the Impure King. As he is the King of Rot, his weakness is fire, so if they summon a fire demon, he can rid them of him. Before the fight, Tatsuma needs to tell them how to kill the Impure King as he has a secret. 

There is a serious fight to be had against the rot the Impure King as made, and everyone is ready. While each band of men teams up to take him on, we find out what they are really thinking. Mephisto taunts and teases Yukio about his brother, Rin and how much he must hate him, but during his fight, he finds he both loves and hates Rin. There is a psychic bond between them and both can feel when the other is needed in an emergency. Mephisto also sees how much potential for power Yukio has, but the inevitable has to happen for him to show it. I know at first Yukio had only one revelation about his nature, but he is lucky enough to have two. 

All that Rin has done has led up to this moment where he has to calm his inner nature in order to draw the sword. His doubt is still there even when the Impure King makes his entrance; all huge caterpillar form and fungus. Rin tries to cheer up Suguru by saying he wants to go to the Kyoto Tower. Suguru sees this as him trying to be the hard man, but secretly he's scared of what might happen when the flames start and his anger grows. Shuro knows Mephisto is up to no good regarding Rin and has an idea he has a plan in place to manipulate him, but Mephisto remains tight-lipped about it. As for Yukio, he still had his run-in with Mephisto and the realisation he is much more than human and this new part of him will carry on into the next season as part of a main plot point.  

I enjoyed this second season as much as the first. It has a balance of serious drama and comedy when it needs it, like the final episode of the second disc where Rin is treat to a trip to Kyoto Tower with his classmates, but the fight scene between Rin and the Impure King felt a little underwhelming after such a powerful build-up from his initial arrival and show of power. It looked to me that this fight was only a vehicle to move Rin forward to the next level of controlling his power and giving him the chance to become an exorcist.

Bonus Material: Textless Opening, Textless Ending and Episode 11 Textless Ending Scene.

Summary: Can Rin control his powers and become an exorcist? This is the real question in this latest season - and it is rivetting!

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