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Pokemon Indigo League Season 1
Released By: Manga Entertainment
Rating: PG
Running Time: 1248 Mins
Audio: Japanese with English subs
Release Date: Out Now!
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes 

Ash has the dream of choosing his own Pokemon, but he sleeps the night and part of the next day away, arriving late. When he gets there, all the Pokemon have been taken, except for one and Professor Oak thinks there is a serious problem with it.

Pikachu has a habit of electrocuting anyone it doesn't like - which is why there's a lightening symbol on its pokeball. As Ash  has no choice but to accept Pikachu, he needs to go train with him, taking the pokeball and pokedeck professor Oak has given him. What Ash wants most of all is to be able to have his own Pokemon and train to become a Pokemon Master.

Unlike the recent movie based on this series, Ash leaves the professor and meets his mum outside the school to embarrass him, calling Pikachu "weird." This doesn't go too well for him as no matter what Ash does, he can't get Pikachu to obey him. The only way he can show friendship and trust is when he saves Pikachu from an assault by pigeons led by Pidgey. Most pokemon live inside their pokeballs, so Pikachu is the only exception, choosing to prefer life outside. As the assault is a bad one that risks Pikachu's life, his stubbornness has to go and instead  listen to Ash, who can save him.

For those who have fond memories of this series, they will all come flooding back. If you are new to this, then the world of Pokemon is right here to amaze as you will meet the pokemon and their trainers. All of them and there are a lot; Fearow, Mankey, Diglett, Electrode, Venusaur, Nidoran, and Rattata. These look just as odd as Pikachu, yet at first almost everyone thinks Ash owns the worst pokemon. Admittedly, Pikachu is electrifying and petulant, but he has to put his trust in a new master he knows hardly anything about. After Pikachu's run in with Pidgey, he needs medical attention at the Pokemon centre and Ash's swift dash there is where he meets the rest of the trainers and their pokemon.

As if it wasn't enough to try and memorise the names of the pokemon and their trainers, there are other not so nice pokemon trainers out there. R & R of Team Rocket are hell bent on stealing pokemon from their trainers and are the first baddies to appear and go up against Ash and Pikachu, though they are unaware of Pikachu's power and petulance.

What I remember most about this series is how Ash's best friend chews him out at every opportunity over things he has done wrong. By the second episode, Pikachu trusts Ash and their friendship is cemented ever since. From now on we learn more of the other trainers and Pokemon, but have always known there were new and dangerous challenges ahead of them. Since the 90s Pokemon has been one of the most popular anime for younger viewers and we can see why.

Bonus Material: None.

Summary: One of the first anime series for most other than Dragonball, so also the most memorable.

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