Tuesday, 17 April 2018


Darth Paper Strikes Back (An Origami Yoda Book)
Author: Tom Angleberger
Publisher: Abrams
ISBN: 1419701274  / ISBN: 978-1419701276
Pages: 176
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes

The dark side is truly upon us in this new and sinister story. When Dwight is suspended from school, it means Origami Yoda is out of the way, replaced by a new puppet; Darth Paper, Harvey's creation.

The classmates of McQuarrie High School all miss Origami Yoda as he cold give sage advice that benefited the class; predicting the days ahead, and dating advice all made him the Jedi Master he was. They all saw him as a skilled force user, but to have to put up with their new enemy Darth Paper is too much of an ask. Some even believe it was Darth Paper who got Dwight expelled so he could spread bad advice, vibes and insult everyone. One look at Harvey with Darth Paper means he is up to no good. Tommy introduces the book, citing when their problems arose. It was the time he first saw Darth Paper.

What I will say when you start folding the Darth Paper from inside the book (complete with instructions) it looks nothing like the cover version, which is sad as I would have loved to have had a go at that one as it looks way cooler.

Far more fun was the opportunity to fold Darth Paper's arch nemesis, Origami Yoda as Kellen came to the rescue with him in the story with his Dwight's Emergency 5-Fold Origami Yoda puppet. His 5 -Fold Origami Yoda can be made easily and fun to draw on when completed and I loved folding the colour one that I thought would be more Yoda-like. I did make my colour version using two colours, green for Yoda's face and beige for his tunic; folding the green one first, then folding the green body underneath. When I made the beige one I put the green head on top and taped the two together (I didn't want to ruin the colour pages in the book and fold it wrong) not a folding Jedi Master yet.

Star Wars fans will love creating these origami models and displaying them in their house or sending to their friends - also they won't resist taking snaps of them and posting them on their social media. Darth Paper is a fun read with some of the most fun origami I have ever done.

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