Friday, 20 April 2018


Deathnote "L" Italic Double Pendant

In the manga and anime, L is the one who investigates the murders that seem to be connected to a single book and its shinigami owner. This pendant is two connected by a clasp and on the top pendant, the metal is light, while the one underneath is much darker.

On the surface, the top pendant has words printed on it in white that resemble the ones from the Deathnote manga. These are also on the one underneath, the difference being that they are embossed and with white paint drawn inside. Great care has gone into making it look enough like the manga script.

Light Yagami in the manga is L's arch nemesis, though L doesn't know this at first as he works closely with Light to find out who the killer is. As Light's father is chief of the NPA, he thinks he would be above killing others, but in this case, he makes an exception with Light as he is such a keen sleuth with his own quirky way of doing things to find criminals.

The double "L" serves as a warning to L that Light is both light and dark, he is both a highly intelligent teenager who has a bright future ahead of him, but who has his own sense of justice and kill anyone who gets in his way. Of all the Deathnote jewellery, this is my firm favourite.

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