Tuesday, 17 April 2018


The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppett (Origami Yoda #4)
Author: Tom Angleberger
ISBN: 1419708589 / ISBN: 13: 9781419708589
Pages: 214
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes

After Harvey's betrayal, Dwight is back at McQuarrie High School, but Tommy is confused so he started a new case file to note it all down. Tommy raises many questions about Dwight being expelled from school. Did he and his Origami Yoda use the force to help them out, or was it all a ruse?

The question is even asked (by Tommy) of whether Dwight and Origami Yoda were beaten by Harvey and his Darth Paper. What happened when Dwight left made him wonder even more, he left his Origami Chewbacca to help them out, but still distrusts Dwight.

It's the first day of the Spring semester and Principle Rabbski is busy with a whole load of changes. As we know from Rabbski before, these are changes them really won't like. At assembly, the principle tells the class about FunTime. Professor FunTime has a singing calculator and is sure to alienate his class rather than endear them to him.

The DVD of the professor in action is enough to bore the class to death, but the purpose of FunTime is he is supposed to help them focus on the FUN damentals of prepping for their big test. And if Professor FunTime isn't enough to send the children into FunTime hell, then his calculator, Gizmo surely will, especially when he's in Mr Howell's class.

Their only saving grace is that Dwight is back with his Origami Yoda and he would know what to do in such a dire event as this as the FunTime menace starts to go bad. Rather than one origami puppet of Yoda doing the trick, Origami Yoda advises they must fold many to take on the might of the FunTime menace, but Harvey isn't convinced - no wonder, he's the one who has gone to the dark side. Dwight assumes captaincy, and writes down all his classmates who are with him; Tommy, Kellen, Lance, Mike, Amy, Sara and Quavondo. With Harvey and Rhondella refusing, they realise they might be lost to the light forever.

There are several chapters worth reading here, Queen Origamidala and the Break-Dancing Dictionary involved Dwight and Murky making Padme where they find the FunTime menace and make it work backwards just for fun. Tommy's letter to Rabbski had the class get together under Tommy to bring the FunTime menace to an end. Their decision is to fail their tests deliberately, but Rabbski has another plan in mind calling them for a meeting to tell them if they don't fall in line, she will make them stay back a year!

What I wanted to do once I had read the story, was get straight to the origami with How to Fold the Puppett (with instructions by Kellen). The puppett they are referring to in this case is Jabba the Hutt and he takes a bit more careful folding work than most of the ones I have done from other Origami Yoda books.

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