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Gama-Chan Naruto Frog Purse

In the series, Gama-Chan, or in the English dubbed series he's known as Froggy or Toad-Chan, he is Naruto's purse. Seen only a few times during his mentoring by Jiraiya, the Toad Sage, the purse has a special significance for Naruto in his personal development.

This replica of the one in the anime is a perfect representation of what his purse would look like. It has the froggy eyes and mouth, and the white strip of fabric under its jaw. Incidentally, I always wondered what the kanji meant, but have since found out it means "Naruto's Wallet," or Naruto Saifu.

When Gama-Chan makes an appearance, Naruto often mentions the purse being happy when he is fat, as in full of money, but not so happy when he has to give him over to Jiraiya for his "research" which usually means him visiting bath houses and peeking in on women! As we know now, he is the author of several naughty novels about getting a girlfriend Kakashi-sensei reads almost religiously.
Gama-Chan appears in Naruto Episode #86.

This particular Gama-Chan could be based on the Chan-Chu or Lucky Money Toad that is considered auspicious in Chinese culture of a frog, in silver or gold, or porcelain depicted with a coin in its mouth as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Kaeru being the Japanese word for frog has its own meaning, return/to return as in any wealth that is gone can be got back in luck. Japanese people think it is lucky to carry purses, keychains, memorabilia in the form of frogs or toads around with them in daily life.

As I remember the episode I first saw Gama-Chan in, it was so funny to me and endearing that I had to have one of these lovelies in my anime/manga fandom collection. He looks just right to me and the stitching is very well done. His general form is larger than I expected when it came in its jiffy bag, but welcome to sit on my dressing table and look cute. The red inner lining felt nice under my fingers and of a quality silky material.

To be honest, if you are a fan of the series, go and get one, they look good, feel good and will get fat with your coins inside him!

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