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Interesting parts of X The Series

Subaru is continuously plagued by a recurring memory of his sister being killed. If I remember Tokyo Babylon, his sister went to see Seishiro in place of Subaru when Subaru made a pact with him when he was a young boy. He met Seishiro at a cherry tree that was said to bear red blossom due to there being a body buried underneath it.

Seishiro said if he fell in love with him, he would spare his life, but if not, he would kill him when they next met. Hokuto, Subaru's sister prevents him from doing so, but dies in the process happy that Subaru will live on and hopefully forgive Seishiro for his evil acts.

Subaru Sumeragi is voiced by Dave Wittenberg who plays Kakashi-sensei in Naruto Shippuden and Boruto.

Seishiro Sakurazuka is voiced by Dave Mallow.

The Secret Sumeragi Technique: Where a practitioner of the light arts delves into a person's consciousness to relate with them.

Subaru's wish: To be injured in his right eye - though he had another wish too - he wanted Seishiro to kill him.

Disc 4: Is where we get to see the fight between Subaru and his former love interest Seishiro.

On killing Seishiro, Subaru becomes the heir to the Sakurazuka clan.

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