Thursday, 2 February 2017


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Naruto Shippuden Box Set 27
Released By: Manga Entertainment
Running Time: 300 Mins
Audio: English DD 5.1 Japanese DD 2.0
Release Date: 6/2/2017
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes 

The previous episodes have led up to the main battle where Naruto, Kakashi and Guy have to face-up to the might of the man in the mask. The difference is that he was considered the real Madara, yet Madara, the reanimated version has never been revealed before, as has his true strength as a ruling member of the Uchiha clan.
Out of the watchful reach of Kabuto, Itachi is pursued by Sasuke asking for answers to why he spared him and not his family. Their meeting inevitably draws them into a fight with Kabuto who sees this as the perfect opportunity to get his hands on the Sharingan. This meeting proves to Kabuto that the two brothers still care about each other and have perhaps come to an understanding. Over the episodes fans may have noticed that Sasuke's attitude towards his brother has changed even though he still wants to know more about his fallen clan. Kabuto in turn shows he is still a snake as he is trying to manipulate Sasuke into turning on his older brother.

Just as the focus in previous episodes has been on Madara or Gaara, this time it's on Itachi and Sasuke. Bearing in mind that the characters who we have been led to believe have pasts that endear them to us more, Kabuto's past tells of a young life tormented by a loss to awful to bear. Beneath his cocky, cruel exterior Kabuto has shown in the past few episodes as well as the whole history of Naruto that inside him lies the pain, fear and agony of being used as a pawn by the Hidden Leaf and gives the viewer a good idea of how he turned into Orochimaru's right-hand man. It's not until you see these new episodes that you understand Kabuto has been going on a voyage of self discovery to find out who he really is from the moment he leaves his home and serves the Leaf as a spy.

Naruto fans can get to enjoy how the story has come to this point where we can no longer judge the characters (bad guys) as we have the whole way through and know there are reasons for why such as Kabuto and Orochimaru have acted this way from the start. This is real drama mixed in with clever plot-lines and the great war coming to its fullest.

Bonus Material: Clean Opening and Closing Animation and Trailers for other anime series.

Summary: Here we see Kabuto's back story and get to see Itachi again - loving this part of the series so much!