Saturday, 11 February 2017


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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter: Evil Comes Home by Tim Waggoner

Ever since fans of the Capcom game played as Alice or (think of other characters) it must have been pretty obvious that they would be made into movies that have been as successful as the Aliens franchise. Mila Jovovich's role as Alice made for essential viewing as she is also a gamer herself and to cap it off a fan of the game.

As most would never want this series of movies to end Titan keep every fan content by making tie-in novels by prominent authors , Tim Waggoner is known for penning tie-ins for Supernatural, Grimm, Stargate SG1, and Nightmare on Elm Street. In this final novel Alice is the only survivor of a war with the undead. Going back to the start, Raccoon City is the last place we would think she would venture into, going against the umbrella corporations might as they plan to exterminate everyone left behind.

The culprit at the heart of the zombie epidemic is a revolutionary new drug progenitor cell product that when injected into the body reanimated dead cells bringing the host back to life, the problem being that the ones experimented on lose their normal brain function, turning into zombies.Umbrella corporations cover up of deadly events alerts certain members of the community throughout the world make it more difficult for Alice and her friends to stay alive.

I got the impression from the cover art that Alice might die but it could also be a red herring. She might also be a born survivor. She has been for the past few movies. In the last movie Alice had been captured by umbrella once again proving she isn't beyond reach from them through her strength. Alice finds her old friend Jill Valentine is now under umbrellas control but former enemy Al Wesker and Ada Wong are now helping her break free of their bonds. With explanations about the plot and excellent characterisations from Tim this is a compliment to the movie.