Saturday, 11 February 2017


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Gotham Dawn of Darkness by Jason Starr

Some of my favourite tie-in novels are in the Titan Books list for this new year; Gotham Dawn of Darkness, The Flash, The Haunting of Barry Allen, Arrow: Vengeance and Arrow: Generation of Vipers are a few and for avid readers of the Batman comics movies and novels can invest time in these new titles.

In Gotham Wayne is a teenager and his parents are very much alive in what I would call a prequel novel about young Wayne and the events that occurred before their demise in the alleyway.

There are some famous names in this one Harvey Bullock a detective on the burglary at Wayne manor uncovers an art theft that seems stranger than first thought and his partner Amanda Wong is along to give a hand. Lacey White a reporter is another who has a history with him. Bruce has his favourite butler Alfred to give him tips on how to better experience life but his quiet nature has got Thomas worried that he would rather read books and play games to socialising with the students at the new prep school he is being sent to. Even from an early time Bruce had developed a keen sense of right and wrong as well as a hatred of injustice.

The story is involving and gives fans of the Batman movies a reason to want to read it as it is interesting to see how those who become the main villains later started out with normal jobs. They all start out with lives that are law abiding until some trauma sends them over the edge.

One thing I noticed about this prequel is that it has been updated with modern technology;mobile phones, whereas in the original comics and movies this technology was not available.

Gotham is meant to be read by those who not just like the series but the movies and original comics as it gives readers a reason to keep looking at the lives of the residents of Gotham City.