Tuesday, 28 February 2017


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Aoba and his Friends in Dramatical Murder

Protagonist Aoba has lost his memories of an accident he had a while ago. His friends around him baffle Aoba as some are trying to get him to recall the events when he played a total immersive game. One friend in particular, clear is the most helpful and takes the time out to be close to him not just as his protector, but as a friend.

Everyone including Aoba loathe Toei who are wanting to control other peoples minds through the game, though certain game players don't want Aoba to remember that he used to be the best player ever. Aoba cant ever believe he had played it. He cant recall he ever liked playing such games but his friends protect him when they think Toei are trying to get at him.

Aoba isn't the cringing, kind and pacifistic person he makes out. He has three different personalities based on psychology, the ego, ID and superego. In most people these are all working together. In Aoba they are separate and this is what makes him so dangerous. The superego balances the desires of the id but no one could control Aobas evil desires so the only thing Ren could do was inhabit a discarded Almate from a rubbish dump Aoba fixed and from then on get him to accept him as a friend and the voice of reason he needed to have for so long. Aoba also finds out he has a twin brother who is being controlled by Toei he never thought he had.

An original work by Nitro & Chiral with original character designs by Yukiko Ban give it a boys love edge fans will like even if there are no actual kissing scenes there is a hugging one right at the end. Junjou Romantica it isn't, but it would be hard not to like this anime as the characters are so likeable. Director, Kazuya Miura gives fans of the original game and manga a great look at how gaming could turn out in the future, but not in a good way. Gaming here is very much likened to drug abuse as the effects of playing some games leaves them almost comatose.

English director Christopher Ayres also did some additional voices for Chiji Suitengu from Speed Grapher, Ushio in Saint Seiya and his brother Greg voices the lovely Clear. Many fans will remember Chris and Greg voicing the characters as they have done so much in the industry and fans muse on them with such fondness.

The music has enough punch to keep the interest in how fast paced the anime is and even though it is aimed at teen girls who like to see bishonen guys in a futuristic setting, it is more of a shonen thriller with Aoba desperate to keep his life as normal as possible while it spirals out of control. Opening theme slip on the pumps by Goatbed and ending theme Bowie Knife also by Goatbed are unmissable.

As movie John Wick is on at the moment this anime would be the closest to it as both characters are close to their pooches.