Wednesday, 18 January 2017


File:UK DVD Collection 11.png
One Piece Box Set 11
Released By: Manga Entertainment
Running Time: 275 Mins
Audio: English DD 5.1 Japanese DD 2.0
Release Date: 14/11/2016
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes 

This box set follows on from the previous one where we saw Franky and Usopp captured and taken away to Ennies Lobby to be imprisoned and it's not long before Luffy is taken as well even though he has been trying to rescue his friends.

There is some hope in all of this misery though as someone else has come to rescue the Straw Hats -- the Humming Swordsman, or Humming Brook. Once only the stuff of legend, he part comic, part skeleton in a pirates garb enthusiastically returns to help out as he's tired of the island of monsters and zombies taking advantage of others for so long. A comical figure, the fun part takes the emphasis away of him looking quite fierce. His appeal is fast as he tells the story of what happened to him being taken to the island and kept there. They realise what he's been through and empathise with his long captivity.

The reason for Luffy and the others being held in captivity is soon explained; they are kept for their master to use spells to take their life force and at the same time somehow take their shadows into the bargain - the upshot being that if their shadows are stolen, they will die, or be used as a puppet. As far fetched as this may sound, I have noticed that with One Piece, to just go with the story is the best way and appreciate it for what it is, fun made for younger viewers to enjoy.

Just as in the later episodes of the Arrancar Arc of Bleach, in each episode here, there is an intro that explains Gold D Roger's gift to other pirates after being captured by the authorities - find the gold and enjoy what he had. Then it's back onto the story. This can be tiring after a while, but as the episodes are so fun, this can be overlooked.

Chopper looks odd in this box set as his body is in two different states of development, Luffy might just be completely trapped and unable to get out of his situation, but that doesn't stop the others from showing him their solidarity to get him out. Their situation might look dire, but one character shines through all the mock misery, Sanji, who lays down his life for the one he loves, Nami and tells his enemies how much he wanted to get to know girls a whole lot more, not that this is something to say in front of the woman you love, that is. By protecting her he proves he is worthy of her affections even if he does come out with the wrong one-liners. It's at its best here, but there are some characters that are overused and annoying.

Bonus Material: Episode 352 Commentary, One Piece in the Booth: with Christopher R. Sabat, Episode 356 Commentary, Textless Opening Song "Jungle P" Episode 361 Commentary, One Piece in the Booth: with Eric Vale, Episode 368 Commentary, Textless Opening Song "Jungle P."

Summary: With all the fun here and the bonus material, it's one of the more interesting box sets.