Tuesday, 28 February 2017


Invasion by Luke Rhinehart

Remember in an Episode of the hit TV series, Red Dwarf, the Polymorph turned into several different things, one of them a ball and could also become human to satisfy its needs. Well, this book kind of reminds me of that. Invasion tells Billy Morton's strange story as he writes what happens to him through the general media and the events turn out to be even stranger than he expected.

By this time the invasion has already began, but the invaders aren't what he thought they would be either, one of them he takes under his wing and looks like the bouncing ball type character I was talking about. The alien somehow gets into his boat while he's fishing and gets to know it, thinking he is planning to take over the world. The reality of the alien's curiosity is not in taking over, but looking at it from the view of a non alien, a person who is already living in the US, and thinks that the world isn't as good as it should be. Louie (Billy gives him a name, something which makes him feel more human) soon takes an interest in almost everything and finds out how he might make the world a much better place to live in than people thought.
Those who read The Dice Man must have thought it the equivalent of the Japanese manga Death Note as it was considered bad for public consumption and subsequently banned in some countries. Invasion is funnier, bright and comical in that it deals with aliens in a way that would be great if it happened scenario. Who wouldn't want to befriend an alien and know exactly what they are thinking? I certainly would.