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Carrie Hawks Interview
Conducted by Sandra Scholes

Carrie Hawks has been drawing since she was old enough to grab a pencil and paper, but her favourite medium is still acrylic, and it shows in her wonderful artwork which represents cats in just about every setting she could think of. Here Carrie has taken a break from her work to give us an idea of what makes her tick and what projects she has in the pipeline for her fans.

Sandra: What made you want to be a cat artist?
Carrie: I have been painting and drawing ever since I can remember. I have always been very artistic and fell in love with cats at an early age. I have always felt a special connection to cats because of their unique personalities. This helped make them a natural subject choice for me. My own cats are my inspiration and models for much of my work.

Sandra: Like Lindsey Cormier and Jasmine Becket - Griffith, you have a great ability to paint flowers, birds, butterflies and other backgrounds. Where did you get this skill?
Carrie: Lots of practise! The only formal art training I have ever had is grade school and high school art classes. I am always trying to improve my skills and make each painting or drawing better than my previous work.

Sandra: I've never heard of "Gig's Pity Kitty" posters. I'd like to know more about them. Are they a part of your artistic influences?
Carrie: Gig is an artist that made a series of big eyed sad dogs and cats in the 1960's. I had a few of these posters on my was as a child. Yes, Gig's works inspired me very much and still do today.

Sandra: You say in the Big-Eye art Book by Blond Blythe that you want to "participate in art festivals and shows." Have you been to any recently and what did you think to them?
Carrie: I have been attending and selling my artwork at a few shows a year now. They are a lot of work to prepare for but it's well worth it. I like selling my artwork in person to people who enjoy it. Recently I have been to MegaCon in Orlando, FL, Pensacon in Pensacola, FL and will be at DragonCon in Atlanta, GA in August. I plan to do more shows as my daughter gets older.

Sandra: What's it feel like having your artwork as figures or on earings, shoes, necklaces and candles? It must be thrilling?
Carrie: It is a very nice feeling to know that these companies have enough faith in your artwork to put it on their products. However, most of my products are items I either make myself or ones I have set up with print on demand companies like Zazzle.

Sandra: I like "Monarch Butterfly Fairy Cat" and "Merlin the Magician," so what made you want to create a humanoid cat image? It looks as interesting as it sounds.
Carrie: I have always liked anthropomorphic creatures and wanted to create my own. It's fun to be able to design clothes for them and set them in a human-like scene.

Sandra: You even have paintings that reflect the seasons as well as the festivals. "My Feline Valentine," is a lovely one of a cat holding a lace heart. Your trademark fairy wings are behind, but what's the story behind "My Wingless Love"?
Carrie: My Wingless Love is an older painting of mine. I really should recreate it now that my skills have improved so much. For me it is just an example of how love transcends differences.

Sandra: For your Gothic cat range one caught my eye called "Witches' Kittens," as you have used two of your cats, Trixie and Pixie for your inspiration - tell me, are there any other cat fairy paintings where you have used your own cats in them?
Carrie: Not so much fairy cats, but my Captain Leo painting is based on my cat Leo, that has passed away. My cat George was the model for my Day of the Dead Cat. Most recently I painted my famous two legged cat Anakin as a prince! You can see some videos of Anakin on his YouTube channel here,

Sandra: If you could put any additional humorous characters in your cat paintings, who from history would you choose?
Carrie: I want to paint my own version of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. That's pretty high up on my to do list.

Sandra: Say you were on a desert island, which five novels, movies or CDs would you have with you?
Carrie: I don't have time to read much. I do love to watch movies & listen to music while I paint or draw though. Movies, Alice in Wonderland, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Clue, Labyrinth and a huge compilation CD of 80's music.

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