Saturday, 19 July 2014


Yoshitaka Amano - From Gatchaman to Final Fantasy.

Everyone has big ideas when they're growing up but they usually change with age as maybe their ideas were too large for them to make into reality. Yoshitaka Amano was the opposite, he had no big ideas as a child, but drew until he got a job doing what he enjoyed the most.

Amano's early experiences were of comic heroes, pop art and Neal Adams, and these influences went on to cause  his creation of characters like the Gatchaman which later translated into the popular Western version called Battle of the Planets with Mark, Jason, Keyop, Tiny and Princess.

Although he is known for this artwork, he is more associated with his work on the Final Fantasy computer game by Square Enix. Amano doesn't just create character concepts, he designs airships and demons. Gatchaman and Final Fantasy aren't the only jobs he has had, if you take a look at his CV, it would astound you. Vampire Hunter D, Neil Gaiman's Dream of the Endless in Dream Hunters, The Magic Flute, and Mateki for Radical Publishing.

See his work in more detail at his website:

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