Saturday, 19 July 2014


Be-Boy Kidnapp'n Idol (OVA)
Episodes: 1 OVA
Released: 1989
Genre: Shonen-ai

This OVA looks like it was released the same time as FAKE and Tokyo Babylon, but as this is only twenty minutes long, it would be easy to forget if  it wasn't for its cuteness and infectious characters.

Two lovers are in a relationship, Kazuya is an idol singer whose fans adore him while Akihiko gets jealous at the affection other men have for him. Though he loves him, and cares a great deal for him, he can't help but feel some form of animosity toward him, resulting in violence toward him. And as with a lot of yaoi characters he puts up with it. He isn't the only one who has a thing for Kazuya, there's an agency boss who wants much more than friendship from him.

If you like your yaoi and you like 80s anime styles, then you might want to give this a look.

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