Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Japan Art Profile: Yasuji Masuda (Yagatama)
Username: Yagatama
Website: yagatama.deviantart.com
Email: yagatama@msn.com
Art Software: Photoshop CS2

Yagatama started out as a traditional artist before his art teacher turned him onto digital art software. With his new-found knowledge of computer software he has created many pieces of artwork you can find on his website.
Psychic Force has a huge-chested character from Biomega, a comic by Japanese artist Tsutomu Nihei, looking ready to fire at her enemies. Maria: Tree of Life is an image that tests Yagatama's ability to arrange several characters in a picture. He provides us with an amazing image for the cover of an RPG package. No Final For Fantasy is his attempt at speed painting, yet it is still too detailed.

I would have liked to have seen this done as a real piece of speed painting, but as an image it's already an impressive piece.

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