Sunday, 26 June 2016


Attack On Titan The Movie Part 1 DVD
Attack on Titan Movie 1
Released By: Manga Entertainment
Rating: 15
Running Time: 94.20 Mins
Audio: English DD 5.1 & Japanese DD 2.0
Release Date: Out Now!
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes 

For those who have lived inside the wall, some have an inbuilt curiosity to see what is outside and Eren Yeager is one such person. As he was born there, he has never seen an ocean or any other part of the world and feels it's time he and his friends Armin and Mikasa did. Eren thinks it's time he left to find out if there is anything outside and whether titans really exist.

One attempt at climbing the second wall is met with armed guards, but lucky for them, someone who knows Eren can make it easier on them. Eren discovers that a scout party is to be arranged to leave the place soon, and tries to get Eren and his friends to join them. When Eren had some hope of leaving, there is a sudden moment of earthquake proportions that signals the coming of the titans.

As a movie that has been some time coming, the titans looked well choreographed, resembling oversized yokai who, unlike the humans walled-in the city are naked when they pound through the walls. Attempts to kill them are met with retaliation, gruesome scenes of several titans picking up humans and tearing their bodies before eating them. The awful thing is the military can't kill them, as once they are hit with cannon fire, they almost instantly regenerate. Titans also come in all shapes and sizes, male and female, children and are either thin, or have bloated bodies. Eren soon finds that he is one of the last survivors of the massacre, and two years after the incident, there are measures put in place to lessen another attack happening, though the effects of the last attack live on as there is a massive food shortage. By this time Eren has joined the scout regiment led by Captain Shikishima and some of his friends have survived, though he still blames himself for Mikasa's death.

Eren, Armin and the others are set to leave and from the looks of everyone else, they will be glad as the ones they are leaving are in hopeless circumstances waiting for the titans to come while they starve to death. What fans of the anime will like is the attention to detail with the characters, their outfits mirroring the ones from the anime as designers have meant to give viewers what they want from a live action movie that is part action, part drama and has amazing scale of human next to titan that is awesome.

Bonus Material: Clean Opening and Closing plus Trailers for other movies.

Summary: One of the best live action movies this year - not to be missed!