Sunday, 19 June 2016


Supernatural - Cold Fire by John Passarella
Publisher: Titan Books
Pages: 320
ISBN-10: 1781166757
ISBN-13: 978-1781166758
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes

Based on the hit TV series created by Eric Kripke, this is one of the many novels that chronicles the Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean's battle with the unknown, demonic and dangerous. With Castiel coming along for the ride, Cold Fire is set in Season ten, one of the most testing times for the brothers where they find a disembowel and eyeless corpse suspected of being attacked by an animal. Further investigation rules that out, thinking it's more likely that a human or demon could be the cause.
For those who watch the seeries, this also takes place between the episodes "About a Boy" and "Halt & Catch Fire." Sally Holcomb discovers her husband's body after her stint of afternoon shopping, the shock of seeing him there, bloody and dishevelled is too much for her to bear as what is more frightening is that his eyes have been forcebly removed.

Braden Heights, Indiana is the place where the body count is starting to rise and Sam, Dean and Castiel believe a more evil source is the trouble-causer. Another killer is certainly not human, but a strange and ancient hybrid that has been searching for prey for a very long while. Sam and Dean's involvment in the capture of it is what brings out Dean's darker side. Sam, being the more compassionate of the two is concerned at how Dean is keeping control of the Mark of Cain as it has changed part of his personality into becoming a dark humoured, even twisted brother. Though finding the source of the killings doesn't mean their time at Braden Heights is over, as the place hides even darker secrets. The next few chapters explain why certain workers in areas of Braden Heights have a bad feeling about working there. Sal Fanizzi has to clear an area of a soon to be prized sector of a new estate and hears about worker's tales of how uneasy they feel around there. He puts it down to them having superstitions, but others feel it too. Elijah, a pharmeceutical sales rep is the latest victim of the eye-stealing killer.