Tuesday, 21 June 2016


Alien Next Door by Joey Spiotta
Publisher: Titan Books
Pages: 80
ISBN: 9781785650260
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes

Many years back, Joey was asked by a friend of noted Alien artist H.R. Giger if he wanted to collaborate on an Alien inspired children's book. This comes after Giger had apparently seen Joey's print for a fake children's book, "Facehugs for Everyone." He had no idea Giger had a softer side, but there it was, and Joey hoped he would hear back from him. Unfortunately, the world had lost a legendary artist and Joey never heard back. Later though, he was asked to create his book, Alien Next Door, a book full of comical pokes at the Alien movies fans will want to see.

Here Joey introduces an alien who has moved to Earth for a break from all the problems of an alien planet to look after Jonesy the cat who gets laughingly fed Weyland Yutani cat food and Bishop Milk. Our cuddly alien has her own facehugger pal who starts out life as an egg she pushes around in a pram, patting its eggshell and when it's full grown, takes it for walks like a dog. All you have to imagine is that there's prime Yutani real estate on Earth, and this alien moves in. What more do you need to make you laugh out loud as you turn the pages?

From Whack-a-Grunt, alien playspace invaders, playing golf, to eating suspiciously familiar cereals, Joey's art is colourful,comical and a fresh take on Giger's original Alien designs. Due to this book everyone will be able to hear you laugh.

Alien Next Door is a small hardback book full of colour comic art Alien fans will enjoy. It's the sort of book you'll want to put on your coffee table for your friends to admire in the hope that Joey decides to do any follow-up books. Joey is well known for wioring in the film and videogame industry in The Poler Express, for Warner Brothers, The Sims and Dead Space videogames for Electronic Arts and his artwork is featured at Gallery 1988 in Hollywood and ranks in as one of the top artists at Teefury.com.