Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Akh Vol:1
Author/Artist: Myoungji Park
Genre: Fantasy
Age: 13+
Publisher: NETCOMICS
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes

Osiris, the strong and beautiful lord of the living and the dead rules Duat, the underworld.

On Osiris' wedding day, Set, the God of Evil proposes to the groom's beloved goddess Isis.
Infuriated by her rejection, Set attacks the peaceful realm of the dead to possess it for his own.

Under the furious God's attack, Isis' spirit leaves her body and she in turn loses her consciousness.

Now suffering from amnesia, Isis' spirit lives on as an oblivious girl named Carly, and protecting the goddess by her side is her loyal soldier Jer.

But, Set isn't slow to seek them out.

The start of the story takes us to where Set has already taken over Duat and caused chaos to its people, the destruction and disaster, Isis has taken over a girl called Carly who is hurt by what is happening in the land after it has been taken over, and hopes she can set it right.

Set isn't the forgiving kind in this story, as he isn't in the Egyptian myth. Remember what he did to Osiris, and Horus too, but here Park's story likes to expand on those myths with Isis plagued by amnesia as she doesn't remember she is a goddess, she only wants to get the underworld back to what she and Osiris would consider normal.

Park's artwork is impressive as it's mainly line art with a bit of shading, which looks broader than expected, and works surprisingly well with the story.

Key points:

Osiris is hotter than he was imagined to be in actual Egyptian myth - he's got an amazing profile and a chest to die for!

Set is just as cute with some essential earrings for an Egyptian man in a manwha.

Isis doesn't wear her step headdress, but she has cute big eyes that make her look cute, especially in the cover art.

Summary: Akh is a fun and adventurous romp through Egyptian myth with romantic overtones.