Thursday, 9 June 2016


Parasyte The Movie Part 2 DVD
Parasyte the Movie Part 2
Released By: Animatsu
Rating: 15
Running Time: 111.5 Mins
Audio: Japanese DD 2.0 & Japanese DD 5.1 with English Subs
Release Date:Out Now!
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes 

Scenes of the previous movie start this one off. The aliens have been ordered to devour the human race, but one of the aliens has been captured and is used to find out others of his own kind who are a part of the parasyte murders. The world is close to being taken over by them, so who can stand up to their alien might?

Shinichi, the lead character is a high school boy who has his hand infected with a parasyte and has to fight for others as well as himself to protect the human race. Shinichi tries to keep away from other parasytes to not risk being killed, and has to avoid being taken by the police or organisations to be used as a lab rat. Even if he looks after others, he lives in constant fear of being captured and killed as he feels he is on a mission to protect the world from these monsters. 

The strange, yet hugely attractive cuteness factor is in Migi the alien who is a part of Shinichi's right hand. He has a rational mind, a cute voice and, like other parasytes can change his appendage into other useful or dangerous objects at will, he can whip up a great miso soup and Shinichi finds he can trust Migi, unlike the parasytes who are after them. It is the aliens who look human that are the scariest. One minute they look like they will be normal, then they will turn and show tentacled appendages; lashing out at helpless humans, or, as in one scene, open up their body and devour a human whole.

Shinichi's parents have been murdered as well as his girlfriend, and he along with the attached alien, Migi combines their efforts to kill off other parasytes who pose an even greater threat to the human race. Shinichi and Migi together take down rogue aliens hell-bent on killing humankind, but the mayor is alien too and City Hall has already been taken over by their kind. Though they strive to blend in with humans, the parasytes have mannerisms that can give them away, their laugh is erratic and out of place and they are mischievous by nature; so can't wait to cause trouble to humans.

There are several characters worthy of mentioning in this movie, Shinichi's friend, Satomi Murano who he wants to be more than just a friend. Reiko Tamura, a parasyte who finds she is pregnant and wants to preserve humans rather than let other parasytes eat them. She promises that she will do something about those she works with at City Hall, but her associates don't have the same ideals. Uragami is a parasyte serial killer who is taken in by the police to find out other suspects they have in custody who might be parasytes. He can tell from just looking at them as there is almost a psychic link to another, or certain mannerisms that Uragami might catch sight of.

Originally a manga created by Hitoshi Iwaki and featured in Kodansha Afternoon magazine and published in America by Tokyopop. It later got its own TV series adapted by Madhouse and has already had the first movie of two released as of 2014.

The CG is worth noting as it is seamless and fluid and doesn't distract attention from watching the film. I haven't seen the anime version of this, but found it an engaging movie I could watch without feeling as though the subtitles spoiled it. They didn't and the result was a science-fiction horror without the usual gore in Japanese movies that also had humour when needed and action a plenty. What hooked me were Migi who works well with Shinichi as a character you could understand. It was easy to see that it could be Shinichi and Migi against the world of parasytes, and that neveer leaves you.

Bonus Material:The Making of.

Summary: One of the best live action movies of the year. It's just a prediction, but, you are gonna want to watch this!