Tuesday, 14 June 2016


Mamiya Doll House
Kazuhiko Mishima
Publisher: DMP
Pages: 256
Rating: M
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes

The Mamiya Doll House is a place where men and women go to make their dreams come true - in every way, and the owner, Mamiya doesn't mean just playing with toys, oh no. His aim is to be able to make the most realistic doll imaginable, and which is as functional in every way as good as a humans. Many who visit him think he might be a fake, but once they are around him they witness a totally different reality, and once they have their doll, they never look back.

Harumi Kobayashi enters his realm and wants a doll made of him due to his weak heart and new and demanding acting projects taking up most of his time. Mamiya is well aware of who he is, and sets about making a doll just for him, but has no idea of what mayhem will happen. First though, once their appointment is set, he has to take Harumi's measurements, and stroke his body in order to gage the parts he wouldn't normally have access too! But Harumi has his own reasons for wanting to get a doll made by the famous Mamiya, and Mamiya doesn't like that he's been duped.

There are several chapters in this particular novel which is an impressive one shot manga in itself, with powerful story and amusing parts to it that will make the reader want more. The introduction picture of the two main characters is nicely done, as are the secondary images before the story actually begins. These seem to draw the reader in to the rest of the story, and the obvious build up as the characters develop. The introduction also mentions what the Mamiya dolls are for, and the humour is drawn from that right at the beginning when the owner, Mamiya tells his newest client that all the dolls are pretty much fully functional in every department!

This is a treat for any yaoi fan to get immersed in with a cuddly couple in it that aren't the usual yaoi fare types.

Verdict: Sensually erotic, can be described as a keeper among manga novels - a delight to read.