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Book Descriptions:

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Outwards II by Elephant Wendigo:

As Mark's relationship with Stefan heats up, the colony residents begin to notice not all men are being treated equal in Mark's eyes. Jealousy erupts as Mark's followers pressure him into putting Stefan to the test. Can this man be trusted to handle a high-risk delivery of weapons to the City? or will Mark and Stefan's troubled pasts with the privileged sect put them all in danger?

(16.5 X 24 cm - Coated Color Cover - coated greyscale interior - 40 pages - 18+ content)

Outwards I Available here!

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The Coxswain by Dann Rei and Itoshi:

In the fall of 1946, Petty Officer Daniel Myers is assigned to helm the largest ship in the world, the recently commissioned USS Midway aircraft carrier - a floating city of 4500 souls on post-war cold-weather operations in the North Atlantic. His commanding officer - a decorated hero of the Pacific War - Captain Giovanni Bove, is his one guide point in a stormy sea of doubts and hopeless desires. As a young man untested by war, Daniel struggles to earn his place at his captain's side before circumstance drifts them apart.

(16.5 X 24 cm - Coated Color Cover - coated greyscale interior - 52 pages - 18+ content)

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