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Outwards II by Elephant Wendigo

Exclusive Cover Reveal: Outwards 2 by Elephant Wendigo


As Mark's relationship with Stefan heats up, the colony residents begin to notice not all men are being treated equal in Mark's eyes. Jealousy erupts as Mark's followers pressure him into putting Stefan to the test. Can this man be trusted to handle a high-risk delivery of weapons to the City? or will Mark and Stefan's troubled pasts with the privileged sect put them all in danger?

For those who remember Elephant Wendigo's first novel in the series Outwards, this is where the previous volume left off and increases the intrigue and jealousy surrounding the couple, Mark and Stefan. The two are definitely opposites and their attraction is obvious, but the other men see Stefan as reckless and might not be up to the task of doing as much a dangerous job as them. What must be going through Mark's mind is how he can let Stefan attempt to give a high-risk delivery in the City. 

Love is one of the strongest emotions ever - and it can destroy the two hottest guys in the colony.

Mark Koch

Mark Koch

Age: 26 Height: 5' 8"
Eyes: Blue/Green
Hair Color:Blond, brown at the roots
Birthplace: Lega City
Current Residence: The Colony
Occupation: Weapons builder and trafficker
Loves: Reading, messing with electrical devices, women, his job, The Colony
Hates:The City and its citizens, lazy bums
Weapon of choice:HK USP expert
Tattoos:Norse magic runes on his right forearm meaning: ‘Put fear in the enemy’
Personality:Mark is a hard-working, cynical, womanizer, even if he’s protective of the members of the Colony. He's an arrogant, confident and vulgar cocky man. But big-hearted and willing to sacrifice himself for the people he cares about.

Stefan Drahos

Stefan Drahos

Age: 24 Height: 6' 1’"
Eyes: Green
Hair Color:Dark brown/black
Birthplace: Unknown
Current Residence:Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Loves:Authority, comforts, power
Hates:Heat, starvation, poverty
Weapon of choice:Jericho 941
Tattoos:A tribal on his right cheek, and his upper lip is tattooed black
Personality:Stefan is a diligent and obedient guy, without much initiative. He prefers to follow orders, but he hates being mistreated. Respect and equity are his priorities.

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