Tuesday, 23 February 2016


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Cover Reveal: The Coxwain by Dann Rei


In the fall of 1946, Petty Officer Daniel Myers is assigned to helm the largest ship in the world, the recently commissioned USS Midway aircraft carrier - a floating city of 4500 souls on post-war cold-weather operations in the North Atlantic.

His commanding officer - a decorated hero of the Pacific War - Captain Giovanni Bove, is his one guide point in a stormy sea of doubts and hopeless desires. As a young man untested by war, Daniel struggles to earn his place at his captain's side before circumstance drifts them apart.

The intriguing story by Itoshi is well matched by Dann Rei's striking artwork in a manga style in keeping with the yaoi look we have all come to know. It's a story where the sun, sea and sex meets inevitable romance, then love and then the drama starts...




What more would an avid reader of yaoi want from such a new and interesting title? 

Book dimensions:

(16.5 X 24cm - Coated Color Cover and coated greyscale interior - 52 pages - 18+ content)

art by Dann Rei
story by Itoshi


Daniel Myers, Coxswain

Age: 21
Height: 6' 1"
Eyes: Blue/Grey
Hair: Light Brown
Body: Good strong build, large steady hands
Birthplace: West Virginia
Hobbies: Fishing, sailing, raising work horses
Background: Good church-going, momma-loving, corn-fed American boy. Born the third generation of proud Southern military men eager to help protect their country.

Giovanni Gregory Bove, Captain

Age: 48
Height: 5' 10"
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark brown
Body: Sleek and graceful but strong and sturdy when in command
Birthplace: New York
Hobbies: Unknown
Status: Married, with two teenaged daughters he has hardly ever seen
Background: Born to poor Italian immigrant parents, Giovanni worked hard to attain the rank of commanding officer by the height of the War in the Pacific. He was awarded the Naval Cross for his actions that led to the successful bombing and sinking of the Japanese battleship, Yamato - and is haunted by memories of the young men who sacrificed their lives under his command.

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