Sunday, 3 March 2013

Persona 4 The Animation Part 2
Released By: Manga Entertainment
Rating: 15
Running Time: 325 Mins
Audio: English & Japanese DD 2.0
Release Date: 1/4/2013
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes

They always say too much TV was bad for you, and now we know why thanks to this anime series. In part 2 of Persona 4 The Animation, Teddy is getting lonely and feels abandoned by those he thought were his closest friends. The fact that he's hardly known them doesn't cross his mind, which is strange. None of them want to be around a gloomy bear, so try and snap him out of this funk. This would be great if he could , but it takes a lot longer time than the others expected.

They are looking for Rise Kujikawa and think she has been targeted by the Shadows. They trace her to a seedy strip joint where guys can go to unwind, but there is something more sinister with this place. Risa is going through hell in this 10th episode. She is being forced to come out and say who the real her is by her evil Shadow self, (who is incidentally acting evil and dancing round a lap dancing pole) and is convinced the real Risa is a self-obsessed freak who doesn't care about anyone else but herself. She is wrong of course, but try telling that to her alter-ego. She is just an average gal, but she has to say it, or risk losing  herself to this other Shadow self forever. Her Shadow is unusual in a D.Gray-Man kind sense of weird and wonderful. When she threatens to take off her bikini top, she instead resembles a kaleidoscope of colors that fail to blend in over her semi-naked body.

The 11th episode has the guys debating whether the murders are related to the Midnight Channel, but Yu Narukami insists it still is. The serial killer is on the loose waiting for them to come and catch him if they can, and his defiance is his way of baiting them through Yu. The police have a hard time finding clues , leaving them wondering if it is a good idea to continue their investigation at all. Yousuke doesn't think they can find the killer before something bad happens to them, but as usual Yu thinks they can keep searching as he believes they will find him or her.

As you are well aware, the numbers of heroes have grown since the last time so there's even more opportunity for the good guys to win. One of the aspects of this anime is when the episodes are set in order of day and date, it flashes across the screen to give you a sense of time and place and also gives you a better understanding of what happens and when. Teddy comes to the human world to see what it's like being his friends, and chats to them  in public, which would never happen in real-life, so when Teddy decides to turn himself into a human in order to confess his love for Chie and Yukiko. The two girls don't take this change of heart lightly and do their best to tell him how they feel. Teddy is staying at Yousuke's place and he's got him earning his keep by dressing in his bear suit and selling balloons - the sight of him on the street is purely hilarious.

Within all the comedy this time around, the guys have some serious problems ahead when a detective makes himself known to the group, and says he will be watching their movements as he thinks they valuable have clues to the recent murders. In exchange, he gives them one clue to the case, that one of the victims was not on the TV when they were killed, so maybe the Midnight Channel has nothing to do with it after all. Even though he is certain that the group have some information they are keeping from him, he can't put his finger on why and doesn't know anything about Persona. They on the other hand don't want him knowing anything about them if they can help it, or their cover will be broken, and their lives at risk.Overall, this anime is a good mix of mystery, horror and humor and balances it all out well with some classy fantasy animation and unusual looks that make it one of a kind.

Bonus Material: Mister Jikken (Drama 2), and Magical Jikken (Drama 2.)

Verdict: Persona 4 The Animation Part 2 is a fantastic journey through a different world  and a series that deals with murder mystery and futuristic monsters - it's a must on anyone's anime list!

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