Monday, 25 March 2013

Loups = Garous
Released By: Manga Entertainment
Rating: 15
Running Time: 98 Mins
Audio: English & Japanese DD 2.0
Release Date: 15/4/2013
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes

Tsuzuki and Kono don't like the world they live in and do their best to try and live their lives how they want to. Tsuzuki is a bit of a tech type who can modify what cameras can see, and if they think she is there, they don't know any better, so she gets away with being on her own a lot of the time. Kono is a bit of a daydreamer who likes to look up at the moon at night and wonders around a lot on his own. Makino notices how shy he is, but once she gets to know him, both him and Tsuzuki become the best of friends.

In the future everyone is being watched by video cameras. They are around every corner, in every school and room in the house monitoring the whereabouts of everyone whether child or adult. The kids don't like it, but learn to accept it as part of everyday life. Also in the future people live on synthetic foodstuffs rather than killing living things for food. They haven't done that for thirty years, and see the killing of animals as barbaric. 

Tsuzuki and Kono don't like the world they live in and do their best to live the way they want to, even though they are forced to live in a virtual world after a virus has killed off millions of humans. Ever since that catastrophe, humans have been in an enclosed place where they exist solely online. Tsuzuki, Kono and Makino are bored with having to live like this and decide to break free of their controlled society, having fun outside the virtual world and the freedom of no one else knowing where they are. The big problem is, there is also a killer on the loose and  he's murdering young children who do exactly like they do, fall from the controlled system, and outside the range of the police, where no one cares.

The story is unusual and the basic idea of the movie is that one of them is the Loup - garou the French word for werewolf, or killer, and they have to find out which one the killer is. The killer is not obvious until you really sit down and think about it, but therein lies the fun element of the story. There is some humor in it and some comical dance moments you will cherish.

There is only one criticism I could make with this anime, the main menu screen gives the viewer the impression they are watching the wrong movie unless they delve deeper into the menu options as it  has the title of Emergency on it rather than Loups = Garous.

Bonus Material: Promo Video - BGM, Promo Video - End Theme, Movie Digest, Koshi-Tantan Loups -  Version, Koshi-Tantan - Original Version, Theatrical Trailer, Picture Drama, Promotional Video - Easy Version, Pilot Film, Cast Interview, Junichi Interview, Natahiko Interview, and Scandal.

Verdict: Like Ghost in the Shell, and Blood the Last Vampire, this stands as a dark and intriguing futuristic possibility for humanities survival - watch at your peril.

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