Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Complete Season 2
Released By: Manga Entertainment
Rating: 15
Running Time: 325 Mins
Audio: English & Japanese DD 2.0
Release Date: 11/3/2013
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes

It has been exactly a year since the rebellion has been crushed by the Brettonian forces, and Lelouch has been unaware of what has been going on outside the school. Area 11 has become a peaceful haven where nothing exciting happens unless it's Lelouch cutting class and going out on someone else's bike. Lelouch was seeing himself going back to his homeland with his father, but wonders what he would do for work if he did. He only saw that he would be doing a dead end job that paid very little, and had no visible prospects.

A lot has changed from when Lelouch as Zero was at the peak of his powers, but with him having lost his memory and got a mysterious 'brother' who seems to watch his every more, he is also unaware of the truth about the elevens and who he really is. The elevens had all been captured and put in prison, and the area has become a re-education zone to prevent any more attempts to rebel. Now with his memory loss he has changed his views on Zero and the elevens. He believes Zero was a fool for what he did, but little does he know who he is and his history. 

This is a nice twist to the story, as the elevens are imprisoned while the Brettonians are shown in their true light as cruel and evil in their ways toward the Japanese people who are now forced to work for them as slaves. They use every opportunity to show their power by making them feel inferior, but behind the scenes, another rebellion is already being plotted., and this time without Zero's help.

As the first series of this anime was about Zero's success as a rebel leader, this one chronicles his defeat and subsequent loss of memory, as well as the promise of Zero getting his memory back at some point. And although there are rebels who are imprisoned, there are others who will take up the elevens cause in order to give the Japanese people freedom from their oppressors.

Bonus Material: Opening 1, Gallery 1, Ending 1, Galleries 2 & 3, Opening 2, Gallery 4, Ending 2, Galleries 5 & 6, Opening 3, Gallery 7, Ending 3 and Galleries 8 & 9.

Verdict: Clearly a great mix of entertaining sci-fi with a twist of mystery and mayhem.

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