Tuesday, 8 November 2016


My Alien Penfriend by Faiz Kermani

I have penfriends of my own and Faiz Kermani and me started out as penfriends - that was until I found out he was a writer - and he found out I was a reviewer! They do say coincidences happen, or was it just fate? I previously reviewed his The Frog in The Skyscraper and found that a fun and entertaining read. This looks like it could be a hoot too with Zmod and Darius an alien and earthling telling each other about their lives and how different they are.

Press Release:
Zmod was excited! He was actually in contact with an earthling called Darius- a boy living on a strange planet on the opposite side of the galaxy called Earth. Zmod had lots of questions about Earth - did it really only have one moon?! Was it true that people were able to live above ground?!

The two children communicate across the galaxy and form a friendship in their quest to learn more about each other's planets. As unknown forces threaten his planet and put his life in danger Zmod discovers the importance of true friendship.

Book Information:
Publisher: AuthorHouse UK DS
Type: Paperback
BIC Subject Category: YFP - Animal Stories (Children's /YA)
Pages: 100
Price: £6.99