Saturday, 26 November 2016


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Black Butler Dakimakura (Body Pillow)

You're watching your fave anime, let's imagine it's Black Butler and it's at the end of the disc and you want to see more of butler, Sebastian's sexy face, but it's too late. It's time for bed, and you'll have to wait until later the next day to see him again - or will you?

The Japanese are great at coming up with new ideas for getting us to buy their latest in naughty anime merchandise. There's hentai for buys, every model imaginable is a scantily-clad character from a popular anime series posed for your pleasure - or if it's got an 18 rating on it, it wears nothing but a cheeky smile!

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If you do want to stare at your fave anime character when you want to, there is only one solution. The anime Dakimakura or Body Pillow.

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Dakimakura is from the Japanese "daki" which means to cling or hug, and "makura" meaning pillow. To us it means hug pillow, and the Japanese go mad for them as they can be of any fantasy character from manga, usually the very popular ones like Black Butler, Attack on Titan, Tiger and Bunny and Naruto. The look of these body pillows varies from sexy with men in pants with their shirts open, to men in boxers and nothing else.

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The craze for dakimakura set off in the 90s when otakus wanted to see their favourite anime guys stripped on their pillows - mainly ones featuring two popular characters from the same anime side by side, or in some cases even hugging. It isn't uncommon for fans to see Sebastian and Ciel next to each other or Eren and Levi hugging or groping each other, then blushing once they realise they are being watched.

I can believe how something like this can take off in a big way as many otakus like the idea of laying on a pillow with one or two of their fave anime characters. I can imagine a few from Bleach I would love to see on a pillow of my own!