Sunday, 7 October 2012

Saihoshi Redemption: Part 1
Released By: Yaoi Press
Writer and Artist: Yamila Abraham/Archie The Red Cat
Release Date: Out now
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes

Saihoshi Redemption is the long awaited sequel to Saihoshi the Guardian, one of the most intriguing and talked about manga series that graced the shelves of popular book stores. This volume continues where the last one left off. For those who have no idea what the series is about, it would be advised to familiarize yourself with the setting and story by taking a look at Saihoshi the Guardian first so you get the general look and feel of the story as well as the various characters.

After the guardian Sastre went his own merry way and betrayed the organization, it has been no more than a year with him and his lover, Kaleth, the former servant and confidante of Prince Anel doubling their efforts and escaping the wrath of warriors and bandits along the way - as they were originally in enemy territory, they were lucky to find Yinn the guardian of the Eastern forest who protected them and helped them. The problem is the guardian order has found out about their betrayal and has in turn sent their own band of warriors to kill them, the cruel and wrathful executioners who no one has ever evaded for long.

In this story there is plenty of humor and drama with a tenseness thrown in that keeps the reader hooked to the mystery of who the executioners are and why they act like they do.

This novel unlike the previous series is not a graphic one, but written in prose format as an e-book instead. It loses none of the interest though as the story reads just as well as a normal yaoi manga. Created by Spanish art studio Kosen, this first part is an exciting look at the next stage in the evolution of the Saihoshi series and from what can be seen it is an amazing start.

Verdict: An excellent sequel to the original series - something you can really get your teeth into.

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