Friday, 12 October 2012

Finder Vol:3 - One Wing in the Viewfinder
Released By: June
Writer and Artist: Ayano Yamane
Release Date: Out now
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes

Akihito comes back to his apartment to find that the place has been burgled, and all his stuff is strewn all over the place, and if that isn't enough to shock him, he also finds that at least whoever wanted to take what he had, left his cameras alone. He had them hidden in a special place he hoped no one would find them and he's right. Others think it is unusual they could not find his cameras, as they would be the only things worth stealing out of all the stuff he calls belongings. A rival gang lord wants something of his and he has sent his best men along to take it - but when they prove they are more incompetant than even he thought, he realises he needs to use someone else to get to him, and the thing he wants the most.

What annoys Akihito the most is the men who burgled him stole some important cds that contained photos, and they are those he will have to shoot again later, making him behind with his projects as a photographer. When he is on a routine assignment, he is horrified to find that Fei Long, the man who abducted and tortured him and hurt his friends is the one who wants what he has, and if he doesn't give it to them, he is in big trouble as Fei is prepared to put his friends at risk if he can't come up with the leaked data from Asami's organisation they will die along with him.

When Akihito goes to see Asami for the information, he doesn't want to give it to him - instead he tells him Fei's demand is a bluff, as he has nothing to gain from killing his friends, so the story ends up being a double-edged sword, he gives over the information, and his friends live, or don't and they die, but if he does give over the info, then the people on the list will be targetted by Fei's assassins.

Fans of the Finder series of novels will enjoy the pages of sweet love-making these two get up to at times through the story. Akihito becomes the lover of Asami once again, and even though he won't save his friends, he will protect his lover, but being his lover is a dangerous thing and he hopes Akihito will be prepared for what happens as a result.

Asami is a more seasoned fighter, and one used to being tracked by assassins, so when the deal doesn't go as planned for Fei Long, Asami can sort out the ones who are after him without Akihito worrying too much about it.

Verdict: A touching love story with all the fun of assassins and intrigue that you can only find from one of Ayano Yamane's novels.

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