Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Ergo Proxy Box Set
Released By: MVM
Rating: 15
Running Time: 575 mins
Audio: English and Japanese 5.1
Release Date: Out Now
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes

A new world has been born, one of greater futuristic proportions where the people thrive in a clean and germ free environment. After an ecological disaster that killed off most of the population, this new utopia has been set up as its replacement where humans work and live along with androids in a domed city called Romdo. All  is supposed to be well in this new world, though the residents are controlled by those who are above them in station, using robots called Auto-Reivs in everyday life they help out the humans in their duties. The moderated world they live in is disrupted by a number of murders they believe to have been done by robots gone insane once they have been infected by the Cogito virus making them emotional and giving them feelings and fear. To investigate the murders, Re-l Mayer a gothic looking woman clad top to toe in black leather and her partner Iggy, an Auto-Reiv assigned to help her out with the case. In an operating room, a strange creature of inhuman origin escapes from its bonds and leaves the confines of the city, urging Re-l and Iggy to come and look for clues. Along the way new characters are met as are new and dangerous challenges.

Contains episodes 1-23 o n 6 DVD'S. look at the EXTRAS section for more information on the series box set.

Ergo Proxy itself has been labelled as a follow-up to many great serious sci-fi classics. Some that have stood the test of time like Ghost in the Shell, Blade Runner and I Robot. The interesting thing about this series is it mixes the sci-fi aspect with gothic and thriller parts too that can be described as unforgettable. With an excellent popular voice acting cast to bring the characters to life it is no wonder it has been so popular with those who enjoy their sci-fi and cyberpunk themes. Proving its popularity, their closing theme was recorded by none other than Radiohead, the song 'Paranoid Android' giving  the series that apocalyptic and desperate tone it needed to convey the tone of the series. The scenes are dark, the animation crisp and original, the concept an intriguing one that will keep the viewer guessing as those who liked such films as Dark City and Casshern will undoubtedly take to this straight away.

Bonus Material: Bonus features include Trailers for other anime titles in the MVM series, the box set comes as six thin cases inside one large presentation box, the box itself is a gothically black with a half face of Re-l Mayer on the front, on the spine she stands in a modest pose while on the back she strikes a dynamic pose with a gun, her mannerisms meaning business.

Verdict: If you plan on seeing a darkly futuristic anime box set,  get this one - robots, guns, plot twists - it's all here.

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