Friday, 5 October 2012

FLCL Collection Box Set
Released By: MVM
Rating: 12
Running Time: 180 Mins
Audio: English & Japanese DD 2.0
Release Date: Out Now!
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes

Life is anything but interesting for twelve-year-old Naota as his existence concerns him being at home and at school - nothing ever happens that makes his life any better than it has for the past few years he has spent with friends or his father and grandfather. Since his older brother left to play professional baseball in the US it h as become even less fun for him as a kid struggling in a post apocalyptic neighborhood where no hope is to be found for anyone it seems - until a strange girl, Haruhara Haruko comes into Naota's life, kicking him around mercilessly after running into him with her scooter and beating him with her favorite guitar - from this beating a horn protrudes outside his forehead where strange robots come through at times when he least expects them to, and to make matters more humorous, but not for Naota, his father then takes Haruko in to do the housework, adding insult to injury he discovers she is an alien being from outer space and uses one of her robots to help her with the work she has to do!

Kazuya Tsurumaki created and directed this masterpiece of animation and slapstick humor  He also did Rebuild of Evangelion which was also written by Yoji Enokido who wrote for Neon Genesis Evangelion. Co-produced by Gainax and Production I.G. who produced such fantastic works as Ghost in the Shell, Kill Bill and Dead Leaves.

This is the kind of anime that could easily get underestimated or overlooked as it is humor all the way, and the kind of humor some fans of anime may not take to so easily. FLCL is going to reach a cult status though as it has so much humor crammed into it, these episodes are bound to be a hit with many fans of this kind of comedy.

Bonus Material: Directors Commentary with accompanying subtitle track, Outtakes, Art Gallery, Fully Reversible Cover, and thick insert cover.

Verdict: A pop culture anime, impossible to miss and ideal for fans of comedy and madcap humour! Five stars and money well spent!

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