Sunday, 14 October 2012

Great Place High School Student Council Vol: 2
Released By: June
Writer and Artist: Naduki Koujima
Release Date: Out now
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes

Rin Amanohara and Eichi Shidou act as Student Council President and Vice President of the Great Place High School, but as cruel and heartless they can be, and tyrannical too, they don't stand a chance against a newcomer who threatens to destroy all they have built so far. 

This manga is well drawn and hellishly comical in every sense. Right from the beginning it grips you and reels you in. The manga is made up of small four panel cartoons that with their tag lines make you smile, then giggle at how funny they are. With chibi versions of the characters at the side, it makes for fun reading, and also gives you and insight into the characters real feelings along the way. If you are in any doubt as to whether it's a yaoi, it puts paid to the doubt as soon as you turn the pages, as you are instantly met with naughtiness right from the first page, porn sites, sites you wouldn't let anyone else look at in a million years, and this is from the Information Management Club - which for these guys seems to double as the Computer Club too, even if the sempai doesn't like it being referred to as that!

The four panel look to the manga makes it look funnier as you are watching for the looks on the characters faces as a result of what they are experiencing or what the other characters have done. From crazy character mouse pads, to stranger students who think everything they do at Great Place High is just a big laugh. You can't really blame them as it's a hoot no matter what others may think. From the manga-ka who brought us the ever popular Our Kingdom, Be Honest and Selfish Love she puts the effort in and creates a really excellent novel that is just as good as the first. 

If you liked Ouran Hight School Host Club, and Gakuen Heaven, then you are guaranteed to love this all the way through as it is a continuation of the previous volume. Everyone liked the first one, so this one got brought out, and who can blame them when it looks so darn good. Get it, you won't be disappointed - the fun is right there. 

Verdict: Enjoyable, fun reading entertainment yaoi style. 

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