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Naruto Shippuden Box Set 32
Released By: Manga Entertainment
Rating: 12
Running Time: 140 Mins
Audio: English 5.0 Stereo, Japanese 5.0 Stereo, English Subs.
Release Date: 21/05/2018
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes 

Before getting back to the main story arc with Madara, we go back in time too the Leaf and Sand's joint Chunin Exams where Kiba's team are looking for the stolen scroll and Ino and Choji try to find answers to their problems in the desert landscape. Gaara learns a lot about his past actions which could affect how he sees himself being the Sand's Hokage.

As the majority of these two discs is taken up with the continuance of the Chunin Exams, I thought it would be best to mention more about the real story everyone wants to hear about, the main plot where Madara wants to execute his Infinite Tsukuyomi and send the ninja world into a dreamworld where he is the all-powerful one.

Madara has attacked Naruto and taken his tailed-beast from his body, leaving him to die. Gaara gets him away from the battlefield along with Sakura who tries to revive him, yet Gaara is told by Kurama that if he gets him to Lord Fourth, he can give Naruto his half of the tailed beast to bring him back to life. This is possible but they have to act fast.

Sakura is passionate about saving her comrade, remembering the times they had when they were much younger and his claims about becoming Hokage weren't so silly after all. She wonders what she will feel like if she can't get him to safety in time, thinking this time he might actually die. When her healing jutsu can't revive him, she has to cut an incision in his side to reach in and manually pump his heart to get it beating again. At the same time, miles away, Karin is having the same thought about Sasuke as she senses his chakra fading as he has fought and lost against the powerful Madara who offered him the chance to join him as a surviving Uchiha. Sasuke, remembering his promise to his brother Itachi, said no and lies face down in the dirt, defeated. Karin is distraught, but in the same place as Sasuke she senses another person who has a bad aura about him.

The first two discs might be full of what I might have considered filler episodes, but readers of the manga might have to correct me on this (in case I might be giving this an unkind review) but there is only two episodes of the Madara arc in it even though I enjoyed watching them. Sasuke and Naruto seem to be dead, and there is little hope of Kakashi-sensei and Minato dragging black Zetsu off of Obito's body. I loved seeing Orochimaru and his band of men running around and doing some good for a change, but will they be enough to fight Madara's might? Sakura in one scene thinks Naruto will die, and in another scene Karin can feel that Sasuke is dying, so we see what they are thinking, and that they are similar types who both have feelings for future Hokages.

I would think viewers would fall into two camps here. The ones who like the drama behind the Chunin Exams and seeing the characters interact with each other during it, or those who want to only see what happens in the fight with Madara. Personally, I know what I prefer, but understand everyone's got an opinion about this.

Bonus Material: Storyboards, Gallery and Trailers.

Summary: There is something for everyone with this latest two discer!

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