Tuesday, 8 May 2018


Bleach Volume 47
Author/Artist: Kubo Tite
Publisher: Viz Media
Pages: 192
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes

There is no wonder that Gin Ichimaru is on the front cover of this manga. It's mainly about how he feels toward Squad 10 subordinate, Matsumoto, while at the same time trying to follow former Captain Sosuke Aizen. So far, Aizen has gone through a transformation due to his fusing of the real Hogyokou with the fake one he created, giving him more power.

Several things are happening in this novel; Ichigo is talking with his sword, Zangetsu but things aren't working out between them. Ichigo wants to learn how to do the final Getsuga Tensho, while Zangetsu isn't interested that he wants to protect Karakura Town.

Aizen and Gin have come through a senkaimon gate to the world of the living, where he intends to destroy this world and create the Oken. Everything is going according to his plan, except Gin has his own idea of what he wants to do. Hiding in Karakura Town after falling asleep due to Aizen's power, Keigo, Misuhiro and Tatsuki know Ichigo  is responsible for the strange goings-on though are powerless to do anything about it. A random soul reaper lieutenant and Don Kanonji try to help them out, but against Aizen's overwhelming power, it is unlikely they can do much other than buy them some time to escape.

In another dimension, Ichigo is trying to talk some sense into his sword's inner being about teaching him the final Getsuga-Tensho, but it's not sinking in. Instead, Ichigo gets the usual fighting and teasing, which you can tell, gets on his nerves. He also tells Ichigo a few home truths about himself; that the world he inhabits when he talks to him is overrun with water and never progressed, much like Ichigo, and the other hollow side of his personality has jaded him, so he pulls it out. What proves to be strange is this part is also another entity and as we know has a name - but it's backwards with inverse black and white, though this time as he points out, he is the form Ichigo took as an Arrancar type who fought and defeated Espada Ulquiorra.

Matsumoto's dashing away to find Gin when she's hardly been healed is daring even for her, but her love for Gin overcomes any pain she feels. She has an idea no one else will understand how she feels about the former Squad 3 Captain as everyone else sees him as a traitor. When we get to look back at their past it is obvious Gin wanted to join one of the 13 Court Guard companies to fix what happened to her. His motive was never to side with Aizen out of loyalty.

No one expected Aizen would get as far as he did, but feared he would and Gin's presence only serves to annoy the captains and lieutenants. I call the bottom image, Aizen's Marilyn Monroe moment. It is dramatic and scary at the same time as he goes through his evolution to become a monster. While Tatsuki, Kanonji and Keigo look on horrified, Aizen manages to get through them and on his way to Ichigo, thinking that if he takes one of Ichigo's friends hostage, he will come to him.

What I would say about this arc is that it was fun to see Don Kanonji back, but he doesn't perform a role other than comic relief in the story. He certainly doesn't have any power against Aizen, so I found his presence spoiled the story a bit considering how serious it has been so far.

The reveal about Isshin Kurosaki was interesting enough, though his going from madcap father to serious Soul Reaper captain is refreshing to see and personally I would like to see his backstory at some point.

I had to put a back cover Shinji in as the Pendulum Arc was one of my fave parts of the manga and the anime series, and to think he teased his former subordinate Aizen so much makes me giggle.

We can guess only one man can thwart Aizen's evil plan, Ichigo, but does he have to power to take him down and protect those he loves from Gin? The other Soul Reapers are beaten and wounded, so they can't help Ichigo stop him. What is interesting is Urahara's appearance in the story as I can imagine he has more power up his sleeve. Bleach Vol 47 is a mix of drama, humour and action in places with some cool scenes that will end up being memorable.

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