Sunday, 23 July 2017


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Wonder Woman the Official Movie Novel
Author:Nancy Holder
Publisher: Titan Books
Genre: Fiction/Movie tie-in
Price: 7.99
Review By: Sandra Scholes

Most knew her as Wonder Woman, a female superhero in her own right, but no one knew her real story until now. As Diana Prince for the department of Near Eastern Antiquities, she is curator seeking special antiques. Bruce Wayne sends her a photograph of them when they were younger though Diana is the only one who has not changed. Bruce hopes Diana will tell him her story one day and this is where the story starts to get interesting.

When a German Fokker crash lands in the ocean of an Amazonian hideout, Diana rushes to help the pilot get to safety. As she pulls him from the wreckage she is surprised to discover he is a man. He is just as surprised to find he has awoke on an island full of women. Diana's superiors are wary of a man being in their territory and Steve can't convince them he isn't a spy or someone who will cause them trouble. Their reason for their mistrust becomes clear when we realise Ares the god of war had tried to obliterate the Amazons, believing he will try to again. The Lassoo of Hestia is used to get Steve to tell the truth, revealing he is a spy who infiltrated the German army to find out what General Ludendorff is doing in the Ottoman Empire. What he later finds thanks to Diana who takes a leap of faith is even more shocking.

The slaughter of women and children by the German army sickens Diana enough to leave her homeland to protect the humans as she was born to do. Wonder Woman the Official Movie Novelisation is the sort of book to use as a companion to the movie. Through Steve, Diana understands how humanity can know peace and that humans are worth fighting for and that it only takes one man or god to try and upset the order of things.

What General Ludendorff plans to do can only be thought up by the cruellest of minds. He and Dr Maru combine their minds to create one of the most dangerous chemical weapons known to man. On her desk is a green notebook that contains all the intel the Americans need to stop them. Just like in the movie, Diana is a woman in a man's world at the time who shines as a role-model for young women who want to fight for justice and the American way. To truly know herself Diana has to leave her home to embark on a journey that could be fatal-she might not make it back home, but for humankind she is willing to take the risk. Nancy Holder gives us Diana Prince and Wonder Woman in one carefully constructed package.