Tuesday, 25 July 2017


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Dark Immolation: Book Two of the Chaos Queen Quintet
Author: Christopher Husberg
Publisher: Titan Books
ISBN: 978178329171
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes

Duskfall was the last book I read of Christopher's which was the first book in the Chaos Queen Quintet. Dark Immolation concerns several people who have all heard of a new religion on the rise and growing in followers. Jane Oden , Cinzia, Knot, Astrid and others are on a voyage of discovery all for different reasons.

Astrid, Cinzia and Jane want to help Knot who has discovered his real nature. For the sake of his sanity the other three must help him understand his nature and try to control it as he could prove to be dangerous if his nature took hold of him. Astrid is prepared to take a trip to Tinska to find the answers for Knot if only to understand him more rather than see him as a potential enemy. As a vampire, Astrid has to watch out for enemies where she goes as they are sure to follow. Knot is their protector, but it is Jane who has to try and heal him when he goes through difficulties. Even then she can only hope to heal him from what he is becoming.

At Castle Amok, the emperor is keen to marry off his daughter and Cova is fond of a man who could be someone she can order around once she is empress. Cova likes Girgan, he is charming and obedient-everything she wants in a man. He could also be a man she can trust too which is just as rare a trait. Cova marrying Girgan could be the nudge the family need to be noticed and put forward for being on the throne.

Dark Immolation is an engaging second novel and seemed like a serious undertaking for the author. One of the creepiest chapters is at the start where Lord Daval Amok undergoes his transformation, amazing even him. There is more than good versus evil here with characters on both sides who have reasons enough to want to maintain order in their own way. Astrid and her companions go through periods of despair and discovery. Another character, Winter is being kept prisoner in Amok castle where the nobles experiment on her with frost, a drug that can have devastating consequences for those who use it. What Winter doesn't know is there have been steps put in place to prevent her from escaping by using the drug-that is if they have set the trap right.

Dark Immolation has the sort of characters who are good to get into as it doesn't matter if they are good or bad. They all have different motives based on the survival of their kin. What is inexcusable though is the treatment of Winter despite how powerful she can become. Astrid is one of the more likeable characters and I couldn't help but grow fond of Knot the more I read of his journey. Dark Immolation is a dark, sometimes disturbing horror fantasy that can only get better!