Monday, 17 July 2017


Naruto Shippuden Box Set 29
Released By: Manga Entertainment
Running Time: 325 Mins
Audio: English DD 5.1 Japanese DD 2.0
Release Date: 24/7/2017
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes 

"Dead men shouldn't go round screwing things up!"

The question of why Obito joined forces with Madara is put out there and for Kakashi, the reasons don't make sense. They were comrades back in the day when they trained to be shinobi, and Kakashi still thinks of him as his friend even though they had their differences. This friendship is put to the test when the two of them face-off.

Here we get to see what the both of them are thinking as there are flashbacks of what happened around the time the Nine-Tailed Fox first ravaged the Leaf Village when Minato was hokage. and we also get to see Minato as Obito and Kakashi's captain. Rin's death has warped Obito's perception on life and his memories of Kakashi and the entire shinobi world. From the first episode, Obito's hatred is directed at Kakashi for the past he was a part of and when it seems that Naruto and his friends are alone fighting, the allied shinobi forces enter the battle at the last minute, combining their efforts to interrupt the enemy and hoping to immobilise them.

Naruto Shippuden Box Set 29 is the site of some of the best battles; Obito has perfect use of his sharingan (kamui) where he can use it to fire weapons at his enemies as well as suck enemies into his own world through his eye. Obito does this with Kakashi knowing he hasn't got such a full grasp of his own. Kakashi acts as though he doesn't want to fight Obito, but he has no choice but to defend himself if he wants to live. Naruto and Madara are both highly skilled fighters, Madara finally realises and acknowledges he could be his equal, though Madara has the upper hand with his Uchiha Reflection technique he uses to repel Naruto's rasen shurikens. I liked the battle line-up of Madara/Naruto, Obito/Kakashi and Naruto/Obito, then good guys against Ten-Tails (with the supporting aid of both Madara and Obito on top.)

The Ten-Tails is worth mentioning as it is a strange creature, emaciated, yet dangerous, though even Madara can't control it with as much ease as he would like. The creature has a strange sounding roar like that of a herd of elephants. Through the course of the battles, Madara doesn't even know how well it can turn out by using the Ten-Tails, so the final battle could be undecided. Madara and Obito might look superior, though the truth is, Naruto and his comrades have far more of an advantage now than they ever did.

This 2 disc set has many surprises in it: the death of two characters we have come to like over the course of the series and the impending shadow it leaves over their deaths experienced by their friends. Also there are arrivals from a series of characters we haven't seen together in a while.

Bonus Material: Story Boards, Art Gallery, Clean Opening, Clean Closing.

Summary: I can't say how enjoyable this is, it's battles, battles, battles with an extra dose of characters we needed to see again! Brilliant!