Monday, 24 July 2017


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Mini Review: Samurai 2.0 Art Book
Artists: Various
Publisher: Yaoi Revolution

Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes

Samurai 2.0 is an erotic art book with full-size illustrations of handsome young men, some if which feature in the novels and Western manga from Yaoi Revolution's top authors.

As their first art book, Samurai 2.0 has a striking cover and a bonus in that the entire book has large illustrations on each page rather than several illustrations cramped together. Here all the details are shown at their best.

Buildas a tribute to men, artists such as Aldaria, EZombie, Elk 64, Gerwell and Zephyrant flesh-out the sensuality of what it means to be gay and male. Each piece is different in style, in several genres and from the past or the future. There are samurai men in here, though there are vampires, mermen, aliens, angels, fauns, elves, shamen and centaurs to fuel the imagination of everyone who reads it. With 12 artists in all ( two being guest artists) this art book is enough to draw interest in yaoi artists who could be considered new to the genre, but who have enough talent to go far.

Extras are from Samurai Art Step-by-Step showing the concept to completed artwork and Artist Biographies, Samurai 2.0 is the sort of coffee table book that will turn heads and comes highly recommended.