Monday, 24 October 2016

#what is hypnosis? by Tom Forbes Mayer

When we think of hypnosis, we imagine a tall, dark stage presence who somehow manages to get people to do odd things for his own amusement and the amusement of the audience. But here, Mayer inform us there is much more to hypnosis that could benefit people if they could only brush away the preconceptions of what they think hypnosis is.

There are several key points Tom introduces us to in his Q & A approach to the subject; how hypnosis works, what the main purposes are of hypnosis, that it has the capacity to change your life, how you can make it part of your daily life and can it make the world a better place.

Tom's book does a lot to dispel the rumours about hypnosis and give the reader a clearer understanding of what it can be used for. In chapter 1, Tom answers the one thing most people fear, that hypnosis means giving control over to someone else. In fact, the person being hypnotised is in full control of what they do during the entire process.

In each chapter, there are mini sub-chapters called TryIt, FocusOn ad CaseStudy. TryIt starts with simple techniques in an easy step-by-step process throughiout the book, FocusOn has Tom recount a fable or old tale to illustrate the process of hypnosis he wants readers to fully understand, while CaseStudy focusses on developing a greater understanding of how to work out problems in people's lives.

As part of the #what is series by Watkins Publishing, this for me was a nifty introduction to that series I thought would benefit me in the long term if I uysed it, and I am sure the others in the series would produce similar results. It is one to recommend as I now have a deeper understanding of what hypnosis is.