Wednesday, 27 July 2016


Powers: The Secret History of Deena Pilgrim by Brian Michael Bendis and Neil Klied.

With  comics being made into movie and series there are also novels featuring the kind of characters from tie-in novels such as the lead character, homicide detective Deena Pilgrim who has left her home town to be closer to her partner to try and make a difference to the city she works in. She had been a normal woman with the hopes of a serious career until a Powers virus had spread among the people and with it the cruel abilities of a killer. Deena.

Deena had had the virus for a while, but it was not permanent for her, even though she isolated herself from her friends and family for ling periods not knowing what to do with her life. After the virus had done its evil deed, Deena had to deal with the Liberty Killer and she has no idea who it might be. Her first thought goes to her boyfriend, Aaron as he was in the vicinity of most of the murders, which, in her mind makes him a prime suspect. This, coupled with the fact she still loves him and has to cope with what she sees every day as a homicide detective. This takes all the happiness out of her life, until Aaron tells her he will help her out. The question is, can she still trust him?

The killings of eleven years ago were noticed by what had been left on the body, a paint daub of "In the Name of Liberty" across the man's chest, and they had established that the killer never kills the same way twice.

When you read halfway though, you get the feeling that it might not be Aaron, he could be a red herring. Deena has worse luck with her father, as he hated Aaron and thought he was wrong for her as a boyfriend. She has to push aside old differences to form an opinion that could catch the killer. What makes Deena's interest in catching the killer more enthralling is that she had personally been attacked by the Liberty Killer, his slogan written on her forehead in red, and by all accounts she was lucky to be alive. The Liberty Killer rarely went after police officers, but she had been tracking him down with the intent to capture him.

Powers is a tale of mystery and suspense where allies could easily become enemies in a world where everyone has special powers that could help them kill. Brian and Neil are a great duo who prove that comic books are still alive and kicking.