Saturday, 16 July 2016


The Machine Awakes: A Spider Wars Novel by Adam Christopher

From the author of The Burning Dark and Made to Kill, comes his latest in the Spider Wars trilogy where Special Agent von Kodiak investigates a psi-marine who has killed a replacement commander after a rebellion to get rid of the mechanical race who have threatened humanity.

Here, Kodiak pretends to be an anonymous tech investigating goings-on at Helprin's Gambit, infiltrating their access panels, all the while wondering why he took the job. He knew it would be dangerous, but he also had the chance to prove himself if he found out who was behind one of the biggest criminal organisations in Fleetspace. What is interesting for him is his getting it done and getting out without being shot, but when he wakes up in a cell and told that everyone else thinks he's dead - by another agent, he knows full well a conspiracy exists, but its impact is dire for humanity.

Kodiak acts like a space happy, dry humoured Bond agent who is reluctant, but finds he's intrigued by what he could discover by investigating not to go through with his mission. Now that Kodiak is presumed dead, he is free to work on a case that could lead to th e murder of the replacement commander, a man who has ascended to the rank of Fleet Admiral. Assigning Kodiak as a Bureau analyst on the case, he would be beyond suspicion.

This could be Kodiak's hardest case ever with a list of suspects all from groups, though highly unlikely to pull a killer stunt like that. And although his commander, Avalon tells him who she suspects, it doesn't make life easier for Kodiak's investigation. It is even worse when he comes face to face with that prime suspect - the admiral.