Friday, 3 October 2014


Saints & Soldiers The Void

Fast sell:
Based on true events and capturing the spirit of wartime movie classics such as “Kelly’s Heroes” and “A Bridge Too Far”, this sequel to the acclaimed, award winning and phenomenally successful “Saints And Soldiers” is an explosive saga of brotherhood and heroism.

Key talent:
Directed by Ryan Little (Age Of The Dragons; Forever Strong; House Of Fears; Saints And Soldiers)
K. Danor Gerald (Forever Strong; House Of Fears; High School Musical 2)
Adam Gregory (90210; Hannah Montana: The Movie; 17 Again)
Matthew Meese (Studio C)
Bart Johnson (Animals; High School Musical 1, 2 and 3; Murder Dot Com)
Talon G. Ackerman (Daddy Day Camp)

On DVD & Blu-Ray from Monday 6th Oct. 2014

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