Friday, 17 October 2014


Bleach Series 12 Part 1
In series 12 Part 1 of Bleach, a new arc comes onto our screens as does new character Muramasa, a rogue zanpakuto who long since killed his master and yearns to free other zanpakuto from a life of service to the Soul Reapers he despises. Zanpakuto: The Alternative Tale shows us what the spirits inside the swords really look like while Muramasa tries to steal them one by one.
What makes the series strange is that even though it is a separate arc to the main one, Muramasa is seen wandering around the minos forest in Hueco Mundo, Aizen's domain and kills off the Gillians without hesitation. I would have thought Aizen would have had something to say about it considering he is now the place's new ruler. I enjoyed seeing the different zanpakuto spirits as they could look just like their owners (Captain Kuchiki's is almost identical, Lieutenant Omaeda's is a draw model whole Lieutenant Matsumoto's is very different indeed) and exhibit different characteristics and traits. Now that Muramasa has given them a chance of freedom, they can cause chaos and one wonders what will become of them.

The new arc is a fun one, and a sad one at times, but rewarding to watch for what you get out of it.

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