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Change of Pace by Brantwijn Serrah
Publisher: Breathless Press
Release Date: 5/06/2014
Genre: Romance, Heterosexual, Girlfriend swapping.

Pages: 22
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes

Book Blurb

Edward Prince was raised a man of privilege and wealth. He's about to find out, though, what it really means to be rich.

A chance encounter puts Edward Prince face-to-face with his exact double: a coffee barista named Tom. Over macchiatos the men decide to take advantage of a rare opportunity: switching places. Tom will go home to a life of luxury as Edward, while Edward finds himself in Tom's comfortable studio apartment with Tom's girlfriend, Vicki.

A few days of living Tom's life, however, and Edward finds himself in a troublesome position—he never wants to go back.


Okay, this isn’t what I thought it would be as it isn’t a gay novel, but it’s a short sample of what to expect from a writer who I have only recently reviewed and she can write a really good lesbian fantasy romance with surprising ease. At twenty-four pages, it is enough to get a good impression of the characters, but nothing that could be described as in-depth.

Edward has lived a life of ease surrounded by wealth and the trappings of it, but as with most men of his type, he wants a little more from life than it wants to offer him. He has it all, a successful business he took over from his father, a fast car, a beautiful woman, but when Tom brings his girlfriend to his studio after work, he sets to thinking of how he would like to have Tom's girlfriend as well as his much easier life.

Tom is the flip side of this equation – he is ordinary, works as a barrista in a coffee shop enjoys art and photography and would like to do a life swap with Edward as he wants to know what it feels like to sample a life of wealth and business – the feeling of power comes from this too, of course, but how is he going to fare in the boardroom while he plays the part of Edward?

Even though this was a short story, shorter than many I have read without it being in an anthology I liked the interplay between the characters as well as the chaos caused at the ending. It was a case of, you didn't think this was going to go well, did you?

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