Saturday, 27 September 2014


Title: The Gate by Natsumi Soseki
Pages: 217 pages
Publisher:  Peter Owen Publications
Available: Amazon, Kindle, Paperback
Amazon Link:
Rating: 3/5  

Mon - The Gate is a strange mystery novel he penned in 1910 and is the tale of Sosuke, a student turned clerk who decides to leave his home life to visit a Zen temple. Usually a reserved person, Sosuke tells Oyone he is going for a walk unaware that where he goes will be life-changing.

A set of harrowing circumstances case Sosuke to flee, out of fear and responsibility for what might happen in his life. His wife's debilitating health, having to look after his younger brother and Oyone's ex-husband has decided to come visit them. It could be considered cruel that Sosuke would leave them alone while he has time to think and even enjoy himself, but the story is easier to understand once you put yourself in his shoes.

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Translated by Francis Mathy

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