Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Bleach Series 14 Part 1
Released By: Manga Entertainment
Rating: 12
Running Time: 138 Mins
Audio: English DD 5.1 & Japanese: DD 2.0
Release Date: 22/9/2014
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes

Over the past few series we have seen the series take turns at showing us several fights at the same time, Shinji Hirako's fight with Aizen, Hisagi and Komamura's fight with Tosen are some that can go either way due to their strength in battle. So far, Aizen has towered above the captains and lieutenants as well as the vizards, even taunting them to come at him all at once.

It seems his boasting could be just that, but he can back it up as he has deflected all their attempts at killing him. There is one of them who can face  him and possibly kill him, and so far he has earned the nickname Ryoka Boy from Aizen himself. Ichigo is the only one who hasn't seen Aizen's shikai. If he can face him and take an opportunity to kill him, he can save the rest of them from dying. Ichigo looks to have the strength to be able to take him ion, but Aizen has the manipulation he needs to alter the perception of anyone he comes into contact with.

For many we have the most episodes where the characters engage in aerial combat above the fake Karakura town. On seeing Aizen fight it gives viewers an idea of how weak and inadequate they are in the face of someone who has hidden his real powers from his former comrades since h e was a mere lieutenant. This kind of deception leads to the other members of the soul society to loathe him. Captain Hitsugaya holds a grudge against him for hurting Momo Hinamori , former Captain Hirako and his fellow vizards hate him for turning them into modified Hollows as part of his devious experiments, Captpain Komamura hates him for distracting Kaname Tosen from his rightful path of justice and so on. Everyone has a reason to fight against him for a common cause - to take Aizen down and stop his path of evil. What sounds great in theory could be a problem as Aizen has another ace up his sleeve against the soul reapers So far during the battle, he has been able to manipulate the others with his words, he even tries this with Ichigo. His interest in killing all the soul reapers and creating the Oken could be his version of reality, but it could also be a pipe-dream too if Ichigo can turn these horrible events around and defeat him.

This two disc set is filled with intense battles, of strength and wit as well as flashbacks to interesting times that gives viewers a look at what events were like years ago when Ichigo first held his zanpakuto aloft and promised to protect his family and friends from Hollows. 

Bonus Material: Opening, Ending.

Verdict: Bleach is an anime that gets right down to fighting with finesse and flair and has that special touch with the characters that keeps you waiting for more.

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